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  1. I aim to be the best in the world at what I do.
  2. I have overcome setbacks to conquer an important challenge.
  3. New ideas and projects sometimes distract me from previous ones.
  4. I am ambitious.
  5. My interests change from year to year.
  6. Setbacks don’t discourage me.
  7. I have been obsessed with a certain idea or project for a short time but later lost interest
  8. I am a hard worker.
  9. I often set a goal but later choose to pursue a different one.
  10. I have difficulty maintaining my focus on projects that take more than a few months to complete.
  11. I finish whatever I begin.
  12. Achieving something of lasting importance is the highest goal in life
  13. I think achievement is overrated.
  14. I have achieved a goal that took years of work.
  15. I am driven to succeed.
  16. I become interested in new pursuits every few months.
  17. I am diligent.